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1904, 2018

Episode 83 – The Mind Zoning Academy: New Year’s Resolution Revival

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January 1 was a great time to harness the power of intention. NOW here you are, months later, still short of your goal.  Maybe you gave up all together. Feel NO shame!  It’s all about REVIVING the energy of that resolution. Let’s refocus the power of your mind, reincorporating the four cornerstones of fitness to move through your goal into permanent lifestyle change.


Welcome to episode number 83! We are continuing our series on the Mind Zoning Academy and today I am going to talk to you about a New Year’s Resolution Revival! I know you are all going to love it but before we jump into it I want to invite you to head over to fitlandiafitness.com/mind-zoning. You can enter your name and email address and get the meditation “End Self-Sabotage and Harness Your Superpower.” Alright! On to the show!

Okay so today I am going to continue talking to you about the Mind Zoning Academy. If this is your first time listening to the podcast, a warm, warm welcome to you! If you are a regular, then you probably already know about the […]

1604, 2018

Episode 82 – The Mind Zoning Academy: Resolve Inner Conflict

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Have you ever experienced wanting to change one part of you, yet another part of you resists? Today we’re teaching you how to harness the power of your mind to resolve inner conflict through our Mind Zoning Academy. Feel the power of positivity and listen in now!


In fact, in the Mind Zoning Academy, yes, I have a passion for fitness and creating a healthy lifestyle, BUT, these techniques can apply to any area of your life! It’s really great information and after you listen to the show, I want to make sure that you share this episode with your friends and family and anyone who is struggling with change and motivation! THIS is the episode for you and for them.

PLUS, I’ll be delivering the full live meditation during the webinar and in Portland live in May.

So, let’s get right to it and talk about resolving inner conflict! If any of you listening are feeling stuck in your fitness routine or you are having a hard time making healthy food decisions, you may know if you are a regular listener that I have a program called

1004, 2018

Episode 81 – The Mind Zoning Academy: End Self-Sabotage

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We all know dieting doesn’t equate to making a permanent healthy lifestyle change, but self-sabotage gets in the way. In order to end the yo-yo dieting cycle, you first have to change your mindset. And today’s show is going to help you do just that. Welcome to The Mind Zoning Academy.


For those of you who are new to Mind Zoning, on fitlandiafitness.com I have these audio guided meditations to help you create new thought patterns so that living a healthy lifestyle is not only easy, but it sticks!

Some of the feedback from my 30 Days to Thriving group is that sometimes they just want me around to lead them through a Mind Zoning, so I’ve listened and I am just thrilled to launch the Mind Zoning Academy. If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, I’ll actually be at Cloudability on April 11th to do a workshop all about Ending Self-Sabotage from 6:00 – 7:15 PM. Here is a link to sign up! And all of you listening should go ahead and use the code FFF50 to celebrate the launch and save 50% off. […]

3003, 2018

Episode 80 – The Mental Health and Fitness Connection

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Hello Fitlandians! Welcome back to the show. This is episode number 80 and I am so glad you are here because you are in for a real treat with our guest today! Today we are talking with Byrdie McCoy of Byrdie’s Babes and we are talking about the connection between mental health and fitness. Just a quick word of caution…we do have one curse word included so be mindful of that, though I do hope you choose to listen to our powerful conversation.


I also want to remind you that our next 30 Days to Thriving program is starting very soon! You can head over to sign up for the April session for guidance and support in your fitness journey! Enter FRIEND25 at checkout to save 25% off.

Today we are chatting with Byrdie McCoy. Byrdie is a fellow Portlander as well as an amazing fitness influencer and mental health advocate. Byrdie and Christa “met” via Instagram through a mutual friend and were able to connect via messenger…it was friends at first message! Their messages align perfectly. This episode is all about fitness and mental health and how those two relate.

Byrdie’s Story:

Byrdie has a beautiful little girl and […]

2703, 2018

Episode 79 – A Fresh and Hopeful Perspective on Menopause

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Welcome back Fitlandians! Today’s episode is number 79 and my guest today is Evelyn DeDominicis and today we are talking all about having a hopeful perspective on menopause. I know it sounds crazy but Evelyn has a pretty incredible perspective and as a 45 year old woman, I was pretty excited to chat with her.


In celebration of support for menopause, if any of you ladies are perimenopausal or menopausal and want some support with your hormones, join the next 30 Days to Thriving with me! We start in just a few short days and to celebrate supporting all of you ladies with this wonderful time of life, I am giving you 50% off for 25 hours from the date that this is released! Hopefully you have subscribed to the show and you can take advantage of this offer. Just enter code MENO50 at the checkout to get 50% off for the April session

Today we are talking about menopause…but this time we are giving you a fresh and hopeful perspective! My guest Evelyn DeDominicis is a functional nutritionist and ready to talk all things menopause.

Evelyn and I first “met” when she listened […]

1903, 2018

Episode 78 – 10 Rules to Stop Dieting

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Hello Fitlandians and welcome back to the podcast! This is episode number 78 and today my best is Brooke Alpert, Registered Dietitian, nutrition consultant, and author of The Diet Detox.


Before we jump into the show, I want you to come join my own mission to end dieting in the 30 Days to Thriving Program. It helps you release your reliance on sugar, alcohol, and refined carbs so you can start feeling your very best and create a dietary strategy that works for you.

For more info, head to fitlandiafitness.com/programs. There you can register for our the start of our next program on April 2nd. Just for being a valued listener, you can select any of the programs on that page and enter the code PODCAST20 to get 20% off as a big thank you!

So today I’m here with Brooke Alpert. Brooke is celebrating the release of her new book, The Diet Detox and is a Registered Dietitian. Welcome, Brooke!

For those who are new to the podcast, Fitlandia is all about NOT dieting…so it was a natural fit to invite Brooke to the show when I discovered her new book. Let’s have Brooke talk a little […]