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1012, 2017

Episode 64 – Top Tips for Healthy Travel with ROAM Fitness

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Welcome back, Fitlandians! We’re excited to welcome Ty Manegold of Roam Fitness to the show today as part of our continuing journey of creating healthy holidays for all! Roam Fitness is a brand of post-security airport gyms that help to change that dreaded, stressful experience of traveling into a positive, refreshing one.



Ty says, “We believe travel days don’t mean compromising your health and we’re doing that by putting fully equipped gyms behind security for passengers to be able to stay fit while traveling.”

So, How Does It Work?

Roam Fitness currently has one location in the Baltimore Washington International (BWI) Airport and is working to expand across the country and globe. Ty explains that all future locations will resemble what they currently have at BWI offering a full gym with daily, monthly and yearly passes. Membership includes full access to the facility and a complementary clothing rental program through Lulu Lemon athletic wear and Brooks running shoes. If a member chooses to workout in their own clothes, the gym staff will vacuum seal your wears so it doesn’t co-mingle with their clean clothes. Roam Fitness really has everything covered!

Ty’s Tips on Staying Healthy While Traveling

  • Be prepared ahead […]
412, 2017

Episode 63 – Strategies to Enjoy the Holidays Without Overindulging

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Welcome back as we continue our series on teaching everyone how to get through the holidays in a healthy manner without deprivation. We have the co-founding couple of The Chief Life, Matthias and Stacey Turner! They describe themselves as a focused and driven team bringing the latest in personalized, healthy meal plans, gym/home training programs and apparel. Based in Queensland, Australia this dynamic duo works mainly online allowing them to work with people from all over the world, educating and inspiring people to become their healthiest selves and not simply focus on aesthetics.


Matty and Stacey work with their clients to fully apply themselves, physically and mentally, working to shift negative thought patterns into positive reassuring ones. Like Fitlandia, Matty and Stacey are passionate about helping others work through overcoming mental road blocks and giving themselves permission to reach all their health goals. This is where Mind Zoning® can be so powerful, allowing us to break through old ways and create new thought patterns in order to receive the change we desire.

Stacey says one of her tips for adopting positive thoughts is to name your inner critic. We all know that voice that creeps in telling […]

2511, 2017

Episode 62 – Mind Zoning® Taking a Break from Alcohol

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As the holidays roll in we’re granted with an abundance of joys, more time off work, a shift in the seasons and time with family and friends. This for many of us, also includes an overload of comfort foods, sweet treats we’ve adored since childhood and social events surrounded by alcohol. Christa shares she’s been indulging in more alcohol than she’d like to with the stresses and celebrations surrounding the launch of her new book, Strategic Vitality: 11 Small Steps to a Big Transformation.


She explains coming off an amazing high after her book launch party which occurred last Saturday, excited that she could continue to share her story, her struggles and how she works on overcoming them. Christa has always been very open with her listeners about her love for wine and donuts, and is proud to bring more awareness about how common our reliance on sugar, refined carbs and alcohol truly is.

If you have a tendency to relay on booze, Christa challenges you this holiday season to take a break from the spirited beverages alongside of her and husband AJ, as they start a six month sober stretch starting January 1st. With a community backing you […]

1811, 2017

Episode 61 – Fighting Holiday Cravings

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Hello Fitlandians! We have a very special treat for you today as we welcome, Dr. Kirstin Lauritzen to the show. We’re continuing our holiday series of podcasts to provide information and tools to keep our listeners healthy and on track through the holidays. Kirstin is here to teach us some easy tips to fight against those holiday cravings!

Disclosure: this page includes affiliate links, which means we receive commissions from the products and services you purchase through these links. We have tested and used each and every product we endorse!

Located in Sherwood, Oregon, Kirstin works as a chiropractor and helps people find a better nutrition route for their everyday lives. She has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Spanish and Human Biology as well as a Doctorate of Chiropractic and soon she will have her Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

So, What Is a Craving?

Physiologically, cravings typically come from the brain and the gut. The gut, often named the second brain, has similar nerves and hormones and is being linked more frequently with our craving cycles. There is good and bad bacteria in the gut and due to limited space, there is always competition for space. A poor diet enables […]

1311, 2017

Episode 60 – Get Over the Fear of Jumping Into Keto with Leanne Vogel

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We have an exciting show for you today as we help you get over the fear of jumping into the ketogenic diet with the Queen of Keto herself, Leanne Vogel!


Leanne started studying nutrition in 2007 to help her better understand her body and how it worked with the foods she was putting into it. Originally going to school to help herself, she discovered after graduation that she had learned too much not to help other people and that’s when her blog, “Healthful Pursuit” was born.

Being a super athlete, Leanne noticed after years of not having her menstrual cycle that she wasn’t performing at her best and was continually struggling to put on muscle. This sparked her interest in regulating her cycle, but after starting hormone replacement therapy she discovered it was stunting her training even more. She went to a naturopath begging for help and that’s where she was introduced to a ketogenic diet.

Desperate for a change, Leanne who was a vegan and whole-foods fanatic made it her mission to eat avocados, mayo and bacon for 30 days! She did it and found she could finally get off her ADHD medicine she had […]

611, 2017

Episode 59 – I’m Not Perfect. I’m Not Your Guru.

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*** Warning, I curse in this one. ***

I’m so proud of this episode where I am 100% open and vulnerable about my personal fitness journey. I’m not perfect. I’m not your guru, but gosh darn it if I don’t work my a** off to keep myself and YOU moving forward.

Listen to my real journey about my everyday struggles and how I keep moving forward with my own goals!


Welcome back to the Fitlandia Podcast! We are excited to share more of Christa’s fitness journey to motivate and inspire our wonderful listeners! As Christa shares with us about her vulnerability and everyday struggles, she demonstrates how she keeps moving forward towards her own goals despite criticism from friends and family, as well as the temptations of the upcoming holiday season.

Since launching her fitness company, Christa says she has received a lot of interesting criticism and judgment from people who have witnessed her health transformation. Although unintentional, many of her friends and family who have observed her healthier lifestyle shift seem to treat her differently now.

Have you ever been asked when going to a friend’s house or meeting up for lunch, “Oh, what are you not eating now?” or “What diet are […]