Episode 48 – Rising Early Mind Zoning®

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Episode 48 – Rising Early Mind Zoning®

Although an alarm clock beeping at you at 4:30am may not seem like the perfect way to greet the day, rising early has been proven for many as the most productive and routine way for your body to function. Winding down from electronics and life’s distractions might be hard for the usual night owl but this Mind Zoning® session will help you experience a deeper night’s rest, allowing you to rise early and set you up for a super productive, healthy day.


Take three deep breaths in and exhale deeply and begin to close your eyes, allowing your body to relax wherever you may be

Allowing your mind to slow down in thought

Take a break from analyzing, processing and planning

Let go for a few minutes

Take another deep breath in from the nose and let it out fully and completely

Release any tension from your neck and shoulders

Letting your belly be full and relaxed

Releasing the muscles in your hips and legs all the way to your ankles and toes

It’s that quickly from head to toe you can release, relax and let go

As you tap into the power of your mind

It’s a clear blue sky

Wide open and receptive to all thoughts and ideas you have

Any healthy lifestyle is possible with your mind

You are creating that right now

Appreciating it in this moment

To start a new pattern

This involves waking up

Rising out of bed

And starting your day’s journey


Imagine through that process you’re able to first start by giving yourself permission to go to bed early

To make sleep your number one priority

Trusting how restoring it is

The repair your body will gain

How a good night’s sleep will set you up from a successful, productive day

That night around 8pm you begin to wind down

Wrap up the days tasks

Prepare your mind for sleep

At least one hour before bed, you turn off all electronics

As you climb into bed – think, write or reflect on all the things you’re grateful for

Creating the most beautiful intention to take you into your dreamland

Giving your mind permission to rest fully and deeply

Set aside any worry

Honor the beauty of sleep in this moment

Imagine you easily fall into a deep sleep

Because of this you can rise early

You know all the benefits of waking up early

You know the time that gives you all the space you need

To prepare your mind and soul

For a successful day

To set you up for productivity and peace and joy

You do that through rising early

Every day

Creating that beautiful rhythm in your body now

You’re creating a pattern that gets easier

This energy last throughout your day

Now you can prepare healthy meals when you get home

And then winding down

Preparing for a deep, restored sleep

Creating a longing to get to sleep early and to rise early

When you’re ready, come back to this place

Creating wonderful energy back in your body

And rise for the rest of your day

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