Episode 52 – Learn How to Reset Your Life with Christina Johnson

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Episode 52 – Learn How to Reset Your Life with Christina Johnson

From Struggle to Success, Learn How to Reset Your Life.

Today we are ecstatic to welcome VH1 celebrity, designer, and life coach and superhero mom, Christina Johnson to the Fitlandia Podcast! After seeing the Starting Over TODAY segment on the Today Show, Christa knew she had to share Christina’s health journey and resilience to overcome extreme obstacles with her Fitlandia listeners.


Born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, Christina characterizes her upbringing as being “turbulent,” being a teen mom born to a teen mom, struggling with being abandoned by her father and growing up with a misconstrued definition of love. After having two girls by the age of 20, Christina moved to Atlanta and worked briefly in the nursing field. She left that job to work for Steve Madden and soon after, met and fell in love with the artist CeeLo Green. During their five-year marriage, they shared their mutual love for artistic expressions, launching Christina in a successful interior design career and consulting company, InnerPiece Designs (IPD).

During this time, Christina experienced weight gain and later was diagnosed with Graves disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid gland. This is when, she explains, “the reset started” and she began her weight loss journey. Amidst her divorce Christina had a defining moment as she sat in the parking lot of a McDonalds wolfing down more junk food than she ever had eaten before. Breaking down in tears Christina told herself, “I don’t know what you’re hungry for Christina, but it’s not this. Something is going on internally.”

While still living with her ex-husband, and trying to save face for their children, Christina knew she was crumbling on the inside and had to make some changes for herself. To push her be consistent and disciplined, Christina called her trainer and soon dropped 40 pounds. Moving into her new home she started yoga and dug into loving herself from the inside.

Her message to woman is to make sure you make the time to love yourself, forgive yourself, forgive your past and the mistakes you’ve made.

She says, “The weight isn’t just about the fat our body is holding, it could be about past issues we’re holding onto.”

During her near life-threatening struggle with Graves disease, Christina relied on the promises of faith and with the power of gratitude and affirmations, her health actually shifted. By tapping into her inner wisdom and forgiving others and herself for past doings she exclaims, “I’ve learned to turn my pain into compassion.” This is what drives Christina and allows her to help others during the process.

When asked about the show, “Atlanta’s Exes”, Christina was extremely hesitant to participate because as a hands-on mama bear, she didn’t want the opinions or actions of others to manipulate her family dynamic. Instead, she used the show as fuel for inspiring other woman and daughters who may be suffering from domestic violence, struggling with an unhealthy habit or battling a disease. Christina’s experiences and how she worked to overcome her challenges has helped many women conquer their own fears and obstacles.

Today, Christina has learned exactly how to listen to her body and fuels it with an 80% plant-based diet but enjoys a well-deserved celebratory meal or glass of wine on occasion or at events. When doing so, Christina makes sure she rises early the following day so she can hydrate and begin to work towards her goals again and doesn’t get in a physiological craving spiral. Her extreme gratitude for her body and its healing abilities motivates Christina to always keep herself well rested, hydrated and property fueled.

If you struggle with getting out of bed early and starting your day off productively, make sure to include this rising early Mind Zoning® into your daily routine!

Hungry for the Reset?

Here are Christina’s tips for the person who still hasn’t experience their “defining moment” but is itching for change:

  • Do the work. Look into your past and face the hardships so you can move forward.
  • “If you still have a pulse, you have a purpose.” If you want something, believe you are enough to achieve it.
  • Forgive yourself and know we’ve all made mistakes. Being vulnerable is necessary for change.
  • Start with small daily changes – affirmations, gratitude journal, reading a great book.
  • Get uncomfortable and step out of patterns of self-loathing or shutting down emotionally.
  • Vulnerability makes you beautiful
  • You Are Enough!
  • Take a look at your life and what changes you can do to make yourself and the world better. “It’s so worth it.”

“Let go of your always and become something new”

If you’re ready to reset your life, make sure to connect with Christina for personalized life coaching, videos and retreats through her website, or follow her on Instagram @christinajohnson_ and @InnerPiece on Twitter!

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