Episode 55 – Redefining the Diet Industry

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Episode 55 – Redefining the Diet Industry

We are thrilled to welcome Katherine Feeney to the Fitlandia Podcast this week! Katherine is a certified holistic nutritionist and the mastermind behind The Dieting Redefined Summit. She has a drive to educate and empower others to create a positive relationship with food, revolving around whole foods, intuitive eating, and kicking calorie counting and restricted mindsets to the curb!


What does it mean to redefine dieting?

Kat has been working on refining dieting by moving away from the traditional diets we’ve all tried, failed and felt frustrated about. She helps her clients understand and connect with their body resulting in a customized “diet” that works to fuel each person properly which ultimately allows them to reach their goals. Just like here at Fitlandia, Kat’s mission is to end the cycle of yo-yo dieting; the feelings of shame and guilt that come with restricted eating plans or calorie counting; and get back to a place of nourishment and empowerment.

“It’s really about finding that positivity that can actually be reached in the process,” Kat says.

Diets v. a Holistic Approach to Nutrition

Many people may be confused when it comes to the “anti-diet” chatter with all the Paleo and Keto programs that are popular today. Holistic programs are designed around adding more whole foods in, followed by the elimination and reintroduction of certain food groups so that you can find what works best for your specific body. Discovering which sensitives, dependencies, cravings and even food allergies you have can be a huge step in getting you closer to how you want to look and feel. Instead of traditional dieting which consists of calorie counting, quick fixes, and that new detox you just have to try, these holistic approaches to nutrition are focused on sustainability instead of restriction.

An example is Christa’s 30 Days to Thriving, providing guidance and support as you work to eliminate legumes, grains, dairy, gluten, soy, refined sugars, alcohol and even fruit. Her intention is help others release their reliance of sugars, refined carbs and alcohol to create a lifestyle that fits you. This helps people find what what their food triggers are for pain, mood disorders, inflammation and digestive issues.

Christa explains, “I’m not a proponent of diets, I’m a proponent of eliminating inflammatory foods and bringing them back one at a time.”

This gives us permission to explore and enjoy the journey of finding what dietary plan works for our specific body and the freedom to enjoy a slice of birthday cake when celebrating with friends – or that glass of wine, all while keeping our goals in mind.

Tips to Focus on Holistic Nutrition More Than Traditional Dieting Mindsets:

  • Reframing what you’ve been told vs. what is true.
    Fat for example, has been seen as a diet no-no for years when in fact, healthy fats are what balances hormones, produce abundant energy and focus for our brain, boosts metabolism and more.
  • Mindful eating vs. obsessive thoughts.
    Kat encourages her clients to ask themselves, “How can I feel my best and be healthy without necessarily having to strive for a particular number on the scale?”
  • Say goodbye to calorie counting.
    It’s not as simple as calories in and out, but instead what macronutrients and micronutrients we’re fueling our bodies with. The quality of the food is what’s important!
  • Look for the excitement in a health journey that will give you lasting results instead of focusing on “quick weight loss.”
    Discover what works best for you – long term!
  • “Detoxing” or “Cleansing” should focus on a break from toxins to improve health v. quick weight loss.
    Eliminating processed foods, sugar and alcohol for a period of time will improve sleep, boost energy and create a healthier digestive track while decreasing cravings and dependencies.
  • Remember, one step at a time!
    Kat encourages us all to unfollow the blogs, Instagram accounts and dieting books that make us feel down or unworthy and starting looking and reading things that make you want to further transitioning your healthy mindset.

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