Episode 59 – I’m Not Perfect. I’m Not Your Guru.

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Episode 59 – I’m Not Perfect. I’m Not Your Guru.

*** Warning, I curse in this one. ***

I’m so proud of this episode where I am 100% open and vulnerable about my personal fitness journey. I’m not perfect. I’m not your guru, but gosh darn it if I don’t work my a** off to keep myself and YOU moving forward.

Listen to my real journey about my everyday struggles and how I keep moving forward with my own goals!


Welcome back to the Fitlandia Podcast! We are excited to share more of Christa’s fitness journey to motivate and inspire our wonderful listeners! As Christa shares with us about her vulnerability and everyday struggles, she demonstrates how she keeps moving forward towards her own goals despite criticism from friends and family, as well as the temptations of the upcoming holiday season.

Since launching her fitness company, Christa says she has received a lot of interesting criticism and judgment from people who have witnessed her health transformation. Although unintentional, many of her friends and family who have observed her healthier lifestyle shift seem to treat her differently now.

Have you ever been asked when going to a friend’s house or meeting up for lunch, “Oh, what are you not eating now?” or “What diet are you on today?” A little annoying, right?

When we set out to change our lifestyle and move away from the standard American diet to a whole foods diet that is focused on nutrient-dense foods, it can make others uncomfortable because it can force them to look at their own habits and health challenges. So, when asked these types of questions, Christa encourages you to take a deep breath, and say something like, “There’s nothing I restrict completely, but now I have a better understanding of when to enjoy a particular food or drink and when not to.”

Christa says, “It’s not a reflection of you, as people, we simply don’t like change for ourselves or for those close to us.” Our loved ones will subconsciously sabotage our efforts to make themselves feel more comfortable for their own behaviors – OR – because they simply are uncomfortable with change, even when our personal transformation is a positive one. It might not seem like a big deal to have one glass of wine at dinner or cookies at a celebration when they’ve seen us indulge before, but Christa reminds us, “If you are changing the way your brain and body reacts to these things, it’s better to just stay away completely, especially in the beginning.”

Sometimes your dietary plan will shift and you’ll change what you’re eating in order to achieve your goals. It’s important to remember why you’re doing this and how much your overall well-being matters to you. You can technically have anything you want, you’re just choosing not to.

Christa explains how it has been easy for her to give up grains and legumes since discovering how they just don’t work well with her body chemistry. Check out her live DNA result video with Dr. Mark Sherwood as he explains exactly how certain foods react with Christa’s genes. For more information about functional medicine and genetic DNA testing with Dr. Sherwood and his wife, Dr. Michele Sherwood (Drs. M & M), check out their website here.

In 2015, Christa and her husband gave up alcohol for a year. She decided to do this because she noticed she was having a hard time giving up booze as she was cycling through different nutrition detoxes and programs. It was in a nutritional therapy program that Christa learned about candida and its association with cravings. She knew she had to give abstinence a try. Christa explains having an “aha moment” as she counted on her pros and cons list what she would gain from giving up alcohol. There were 32 things on Christa’s list that were still negatively impacting her health that she thought would be resolved by abstaining from alcohol. She was right, 25 of those things were solved!

Today, Christa says “There’s not one thing I completely restrict from my diet”, but she is mindful of the triggers that cause her to crave alcohol (and donuts!).

Enjoy the Holidays Without Falling Back into the Trap

  • Use Mind Zoning® to create new through patterns to heighten our awareness that we’re falling back into a reliance.
  • Understand you’ll be triggered, could potentiall fall back into a craving cycle, and the best way out is to abstain from simple carbs, sugar and alcohol.
  • Reconnect with your “why.”

“We’re all constantly learning our bodies and the way they’re designed; we’re always going to be on a journey to understand what our addictions are,” Christa explains.

She says, “I haven’t figure myself out 100%, but I push you to be learning about yourself and ask yourself how you can be more aware of your triggers, stressors, negative thinking, or when someone is sabotaging your efforts and analyzing how that pulls you back into an old pattern.”

It is common to fall back into an old eating style that doesn’t serve you when attempting moderation. It can help to ask yourself why you’re on this journey and why you’re restricting certain foods for a certain amount of time. For Christa, it’s because she wants to be emotionally and physically present in her life so she can perform the best in her job and reach her fitness goals.

As we enter this holiday season, think about being your healthiest self and allow yourself to enjoy foods in moderation without a feeling deprivation. Be intentional about your goals and why you care about moving towards them. Also, be honest about what you can and can’t do.

Enjoy the holidays and find inspiration for moderation with an old Podcast with Dr. Jerome Craig, The Falsehood of Everything in Moderation.

What to do now?

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