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Who We Feature

One of our Core Values is to have certified experts contributing content to our website. Get to know our Expert Practitioners and the expertise they bring to the Fitlandia platform! We hope they become your one-on-one resource for deep, individual work, as well. Just click on their website link to learn more about working with them.

Our Premier Practitioners

Hey there! I’m April, The Love Carbs Coach and Registered Dietician. I will show you how to fuel with whole food, reverse pre-diabetes, lose fat and finally get your fun back.

Registered Dietician, Health Coach

Nicole Anderson is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health & Life Coach who specializes in helping busy professionals achieve better health.

Health & Wellness Coach, Life Coach

Allison Nichols is a certified Holistic Health Coach with a passion to support people like you to heal their leaky gut and create a healthy relationship with food.

Nutrition Counseling, Digital Health Coach

Carrie Billings is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and Mental Health Counselor specializing in healthy living.

Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Mental Health Counselor

As a Certified Professional Hypnotist at West Metro Hypnosis, Kelli’s job and goal is to introduce you to the power of your own mind.

Hypnotist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Self-Hypnosis

Dr. Jerome Craig focuses on chronic conditions such as digestive disorders, hormonal dysfunction, autoimmune disease and more.

Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Chiropractic

Specializing in personal self-improvement, Angie helps clients with goals from stop smoking to weight loss to anxiety.

Certified Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Technique