We're 3 times more likely to succeed at achieving our goals when we are connected to a Community on a similar journey. Get a boost of motivation whenever you need it from a group of awesome individuals that understand.


Our closed Facebook group is free for all to join. Gather up your friends and family and meet your fitness family. We post up our healthy meal and exercise photos/videos to inspire each other every day.

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What Fitlandians saying about their membership.

“Fitlandia beautifully incorporates this aspect of ourselves into an overall fitness program that lasts for the long haul, not just until  your wedding is over, or until you’re bored or frustrated or whatever.”
- KIM M.

What it means to be a Fitlandian.

Did you know? It's easier to succeed when you're connected to a community.


Because all of our services are delivered online, you can access us from anywhere around the world. We love connecting with our friends of various cultures on the same fitness journey.

Become a Fitlandian and get access to:
  • Unlimited Mind Zoning® audio recordings
  • 450+ workout videos
  • 74-page Whole9 food guide
  • Access to recipe collection
  • Educational webinar library
  • Facebook Community moderated by experts

Looking for even more personalized fitness?

Sign up to work with Fitlandia® CEO, Christa King. She's been in your shoes and knows what it takes to end dieting and make a permanent lifestyle change.

Limited to just 10 private clients at a time, you'll get one-on-one coaching for the highest degree of accountability and success. Book your package today and start feeling better immediately!


All packages include a 1-year membership to Fitlandia®.
100% Money Back Guarantee.


Already a member? Access your community of workout buddies, workout videos, nutritional support, recipes and unlimited MindZoning recordings by logging into your account. Want to join us? Try Fitlandia for free, for 2 weeks: no contract and no obligation. We know you're going to love it here as much as we do.

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Our expert practitioners are here to help.

Sometimes we need a little extra guidance, support, encouragement and inspiration to get started and level up. That's where the real power of Fitlandia comes in. In addition to gaining access to an international community of fellow holistic fitness friends, you'll also gain access to an incredible community of holistic practitioners and their expert guidance.

“The Fitlandia community ensures that everyone—no matter what their current level of health and fitness can succeed.”

“Fitlandia truly got me started into the healthiest chapter of my life. I’ve lost 50lbs. from my body in 8 months and feel the most whole and energetic that I’ve felt in years!”


We Are Inclusive.

We Are Positive.

We Are Strong.

We Are Determined.

We Thrive.

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