No Diet Detox

What's Included?

Just Point and Shoot.

Does the idea of a 30-day food detox sound overwhelming? You can begin the journey to vitality simply by taking pictures with your smartphone.

It starts with awareness.

I'll send you a daily email guiding you step-by-step on your 7-day journey, cheering you on along the way. I promise it will be easy.

Easy-to-use, downloadable journal to note your sleep, energy, mood and more. No food logging needed because you have your pics.

Daily Challenge

7-Day Journal


Step 1: 

Eat as you normally do over the next 7 days. No judgements, just acceptance.

Get the 7-day challenge for FREE. 

Begin your transformation with the click of a button.

Step 2: 

Take a pic of your meals. No fancy backdrops or complicated lighting - just have fun with it! 

Step 3: 

Share your picture with our group for support or reserve it for private reflection.

What Are We Detoxing?

Detox from overwhelm, self-loathing, and mindless eating. Instead, just become aware of how food impacts your body, mind and emotions. 

It's that easy.


Take the Challenge!Let's Do This.

As with guided meditations, experience deep relaxation and create positive thoughts to make healthy living easy. Join now to get yours.

Mind Zoning®

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