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Camp Kale with Monica
Starts 4/16/17

Find Balance in Today's Hectic Lifestyle
Starts 4/19/17

Nutritional Ketosis and Intermittent Fasting
Starts 4/23/17

Beat Pre-Diabetes & Love Carbs Program
Starts 5/1/17

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Why the No Fools' Detox™?

Rather than just give you nutritional guidance and a few recipes, we'll give you motivation, education, inspiration and strategies to overcome any perceived obstacle so that you can:

Our signature program, the No Fools' Detox™ is 30-days of positive energy, motivation and clean eating to reset your body for life. 

It's just what you're looking for to get you through any hurdle - quickly and easily. 

Our mantra? YES YOU CAN!

Get fit now. Stay fit for life.

Release negative thought patterns

Learn how to set boundaries to prioritize your time

Understand and end self-sabotaging behavior

Gain awareness on causes of cravings and how to eliminate them

Get real-life, time-saving startegies to get moving every day and enjoy meal prep

What's Included?

Get the Program Details

Four, weekly, live webinars that are recorded so you can go back to them anytime, anywhere.

Ongoing support and inspiration in our closed Facebook Group. #wearefitlandians

A weekly motivational video and daily delivery of tips to maximize your detox delivered to your inbox.

Because we all have different needs and goals, Fitlandia® curates the best online fitness and wellness programs available!

EVERY program we features includes a 1-yr membership to Fitlandia ($228 value)

Have you made unhealthy choices in the past that you regret?

Are you aware of self-sabotaging behaviors, but stuck on how to change them?

Do you find it difficult to make yourself a priority?

Do you think living a healthy lifestyle is too time-consuming to maintain?

Do you feel a sense of bitterness because you can't "eat whatever you want?"

Are you lost in the myriad of dietary plans and need help figuring out what works or YOU?

YES! This is Me.

Let's Get You UNSTUCK.

While there’s a near explosion of information and mis-information out there, Fitlandia debunks the myths, fads, and trends and provides sound, scientific information on nutrition and the psychology of getting healthy.

                        - DARLENE R.



 I started the Mind Zoning® for just a few minutes in the morning while I was snoozing in bed and I totally noticed a difference in my day and commitment to my own well being. 

                      - JANET L.



Hey folks this is the program that truly got me started into the healthiest chapter of my life!! I’ve lost 50lbs from my body over an 8-month period, feel the most whole and energetic that I’ve felt in years! 

                      - CAREN M.



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