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1905, 2018

Episode 87 – Live Transformational Coaching

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Really tough challenges will confront you on the road to permanent lifestyle changes. Sometimes you need a guide. It’s a little scary to expose your inner self during a live coaching session, but there is so much power in vulnerability. Stories of transformation need to be told; they offer courage to the next person.  


Today, along with CEO of Cardsmith, Monica Burrell, experience a live, unedited transformational coaching session similar to those led by Christa King each week in the Fitlandia Fitness 30 Days to Thriving Program. There, host Christa King helps participants navigate those really tough challenges they are confronted with while making amazing lifestyle changes.  You can hop on board for the June 30 Days To Thriving.  For a 25 percent discount, enter code:  friend25 at checkout.

Now, join Monica Borrell and host Christa King as they get real with each other and today’s listeners. It’s a little scary to expose your inner self during a live coaching session, but there is so much power […]

1205, 2018

Episode 86 – Postpartum Ab Rehab

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Are you struggling to reboot a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine following the birth of a baby or other major life change? Are you looking for the best online nutrition and fitness programs for postpartum recovery? Are you looking for community connection while you get your pre-pregnancy vitality back?


Today on the Fitlandia Podcast, guest Helene Byrne, prenatal and postpartum exercise specialist, author, and founder of BeFit- Mom™,  joins host Christa King of Fitlandia to discuss post-partum ab recovery.

How Did Helen Become a Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Specialist?

After the birth of her son, Helene Byrne, was dismayed that pregnancy had seemingly erased her prior fitness state, especially her ab tone and stability, in spite of the fact that she had continued to exercise throughout her pregnancy.  She also discovered that no one was promoting postpartum exercise correctly! There had to be something beyond crunches for a new mom’s body recovery?! So she pulled from her experiences with pilates, yoga, and standard fitness training to create a postpartum rehab system that worked for her. And she was confident it would help others.

The […]

605, 2018

Episode 85 – Radical Goal-Setting

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You have the potential for permanent lifestyle change, no matter where you start from! Harness the power of your mind to thrive, in spite of a culture of fitness-shaming. Set clear process goals and learn how to “fail forward”, through evaluation and revision. Seek community connection to provide motivational support that informs your goal processes.



Today on the Fitlandia podcast #85, guests Mike McCastle and David Skolnik of Evolution Healthcare and Fitness (Portland, OR) join host Christa King of Fitlandia Fitness to help those struggling with reaching their goals by providing clarity about the process of successful goal-setting and goal achievement.

Why Set Goals?

Anyone can set mere goals. The importance lies in clarity. Setting CLEAR goals and considering WHY we are setting the goal will:

  • limit our mind’s wandering space
  • draw us into the moment, creating immediacy and focus which allows us to create a rich environment in service to our goals
  • provide structure for immediate feedback that will tell whether we are on track


Fitlandia’s 30 Days to Thrive Program members are encouraged to use […]

2904, 2018

Episode 84 – The Mind Zoning Academy: Ending Body-Shaming

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Do you you frown at yourself in the mirror? Are you constantly pinching your waist? Or poking at imperfections? This body-shaming mindset is a common obstacle to pursuing our best health and fitness states. It’s time to understand why we think this way about our miraculous bodies and how we can harness the power of our minds to better support our wellness goals.


Hey everyone! Welcome back to episode number 84 of the Fitlandia Podcast. We are rounding out the month with the announcement of The Mind Zoning Academy. If you are having ANY challenges with mental obstacles, then this is the place for you. Every single month I am doing a LIVE webinar with me that is one part focusing on a mental obstacle, one part guided meditation, and one part group coaching so you can learn how to apply these principle and strategies to your life and keep moving forward on your fitness journey.

To sign up, you can head over to fitlandiafitness.com/mind-zoning and you will be able to register for either the webinar version or the in person version with me held in Portland, […]

1904, 2018

Episode 83 – The Mind Zoning Academy: New Year’s Resolution Revival

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January 1 was a great time to harness the power of intention. NOW here you are, months later, still short of your goal.  Maybe you gave up all together. Feel NO shame!  It’s all about REVIVING the energy of that resolution. Let’s refocus the power of your mind, reincorporating the four cornerstones of fitness to move through your goal into permanent lifestyle change.


Welcome to episode number 83! We are continuing our series on the Mind Zoning Academy and today I am going to talk to you about a New Year’s Resolution Revival! I know you are all going to love it but before we jump into it I want to invite you to head over to fitlandiafitness.com/mind-zoning. You can enter your name and email address and get the meditation “End Self-Sabotage and Harness Your Superpower.” Alright! On to the show!

Okay so today I am going to continue talking to you about the Mind Zoning Academy. If this is your first time listening to the podcast, a warm, warm welcome to you! If you are a regular, then you probably already know about the […]

1604, 2018

Episode 82 – The Mind Zoning Academy: Resolve Inner Conflict

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Have you ever experienced wanting to change one part of you, yet another part of you resists? Today we’re teaching you how to harness the power of your mind to resolve inner conflict through our Mind Zoning Academy. Feel the power of positivity and listen in now!


In fact, in the Mind Zoning Academy, yes, I have a passion for fitness and creating a healthy lifestyle, BUT, these techniques can apply to any area of your life! It’s really great information and after you listen to the show, I want to make sure that you share this episode with your friends and family and anyone who is struggling with change and motivation! THIS is the episode for you and for them.

PLUS, I’ll be delivering the full live meditation during the webinar and in Portland live in May.

So, let’s get right to it and talk about resolving inner conflict! If any of you listening are feeling stuck in your fitness routine or you are having a hard time making healthy food decisions, you may know if you are a regular listener that I have a program called