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Your expertise should be rewarded.

Fitlandia has a unique program for select practitioners to apply and become regular contributors, boosting their exposure as a credible source for exercise, nutrition, and Mind Zoning™. From nutritionists to personal trainers to naturopaths, hypnotherapists, coaches, and much more, we want to feature you, your work and your practice.

Our Expert Practitioner program is designed to reward you for the work you’re already doing by giving you another platform to generate visibility (our Practitioner Directory) and ancillary revenue through an enhanced affiliate commission – 50% referral reward for every new member, for the lifetime of their membership. This plan pays out a much higher referral reward in exchange for a commitment to receiving regular content. We also provide you (at no cost) a listing as a Fitlandia Premier Practitioner with your bio, contact info, and links to your website, helping boost your SEO and social media exposure.

Additional benefits.

When you submit content to Fitlandia, you grant us full usage rights. We then sublicense the content back to you for your own business use. We include your byline and links to your website, as well as shout outs on social media to help build your audience and boost your SEO benefits. Here’s a list of all Expert Practitioner benefits:

  • 50% referral commission for all members that sign on using your affiliate link (for the lifetime of the membership!)
  • Promotion for you and your business
    • Social media mentions
    • Listing on our Practitioner Directory with direct contact info
    • Bylines on all content submitted
  • SEO boost with backlinks to your website
  • Exposure to our members building rapport and credibility as a client funnel
  • Increased visibility as we only allow 30 practitioners in the program!

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It’s an elite field.

Having the highest quality information and programming for our members is one of our Core Values. We are not a mass consolidator of information, but instead strive to provide the best in class. We only allow 30 practitioners in the program at any given time. Additional qualified practitioners are added to a waitlist and will still have an opportunity to contribute content to gain exposure and earn referral rewards at our standard rate.

Here’s what we’re looking for in a Premier Practitioner:

  • Certified through a major association in their field
  • Develops regular content for their own business. A few examples include:
    • Generating professional meditation and hypnosis recordings
    • Publishing articles on nutrition
    • Creating exercise demo videos
    • Developing client programs
  • Interested in growing their visibility, credibility, and reach in their respective field
  • Looking for a marketing partnership to grow their practice
  • Ready to build a strong partnership with Fitlandia to participate in future opportunities
  • Ambitious, responsive, and ready to go!
  • Wants to be a part of changing the current “dieting culture” and help people create and sustain healthy lifestyle changes in a positive way

There’s no cost to participate.

Applications will be reviewed and if we think it’s a good fit, we’ll reach out to set up a call to discuss this unique program that affords you marketing exposure at no cost at all. If all of our spots are full, but we still think you’re awesome, we’ll add you to our waitlist and contact you once a spot opens up! As a bonus you’ll receive the Fitlandia Premier Practitioner distinction to add to your website.

Ready to become a part of the team? Apply now!

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