The Journey That Built Fitlandia

Hi! My name is Christa King, CEO & Founder of Fitlandia

143 lbs

I’m also a recovered dieter.

192 weightI had struggled with my weight since childhood. Even though I was incredibly athletic, losing and maintaining a healthy weight was almost impossible. As my life got more chaotic and intense from climbing the corporate ladder and living a go-go-go lifestyle, my body, mind and soul were left completely out of balance.

After reaching my highest weight of 192, I hit a wall and was determined to crack my own code for making a permanent lifestyle change. Leaving a corporate career behind, I became a certified hypnotherapist, life coach, nutritional therapist and group fitness instructor.

By putting these pieces together I saw what was truly missing in the diet and fitness industry a holistic approach, starting with the mind.

My weight loss journey, and continued health journey, is what built this innovative platform that I’m so proud to share with you.

Core Values – The Heart of Who We Are

Early on, we knew we wanted Fitlandia to be radically different than any other fitness company. We believe Mind Zoning™ is a key differentiator in addition to the Core Values that guide Fitlandia, a global leader in fitness. It is our mission to end yo-yo dieting and help our community create and maintain healthy eating habits. 

We offer an online integrated fitness platform for a whole-life change. Release the old ways of dieting and change your life starting from the mind out with the following Fitlandia features:

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