While there’s a near explosion of information and mis-information out there, Fitlandia debunks the myths, fads, and trends and provides sound, scientific information on nutrition, dietary approaches and the psychology of getting healthy.

Darlene R.

I have battled with yoyo diets all my life and am a certified chocoholic (in recovery!), but following Fitlandia’s eating plan and detox (which is by no means as restrictive as it sounds) has turned my eating habits around. Getting my head in the right place to change what I have done for 40 years hasn’t been a quick process by any means, and I wish I had got into the zone earlier, but now I have, I am 100% changed in the mindfulness of what I put into my body and feel much happier about myself.

The really positive thing that has happened to me since starting this journey is that since changing my old eating habits, I have no cravings and no need to snack between meals, which has always been my downfall. Christa’s drive and belief is so amazing – she is extremely passionate about what she does and she really wants to help people achieve their optimum health goals. I am certain that I will not go back to the way I used to eat, and since starting the plan with Fitlandia I have been more energetic, slept better and lost weight.

Abi B.

I’m a new Fitlandian and have already taken to the various Mind Zoning™ recordings! They’re just a few minutes each and listening to them helps me relax, focus and get a positive attitude about food and exercise “challenges” in my day. I also like the wide variety of webinars which are full of tips and dispel a lot of myths about the nutrition in the fitness industry.


Steven D.

Sound science coupled with the emotional and mental support via Mind Zoning™ and the Fitlandia community ensure that everyone—no matter what their current level of health and fitness—can succeed.

Darlene R.

Fitlandia beautifully incorporates this aspect of ourselves into an overall fitness program that lasts for the long haul, not just until you can see your leg muscles again, or until you can fit in those pants, or until your wedding is over, or until you’re bored or frustrated or whatever.

Kim M.

I’ve read several books about nutrition that I have enjoyed, but Fitlandia speaks about other dimensions I had never learned about. We spoke about was related to my body. It was very relevant and actionable. Highly recommend!

Eduardo B.

I’d recommend Fitlandia to anyone looking for a positive, healthy change – be it large or small.

Carrie W.

The Fitlandia team has supported me not only in what to change, but in fully understanding for myself the benefits of changing and how to really shift my mindset to a healthier one.

Monica B.

Hey folks this is the program that truly got me started into the healthiest chapter of my life!! I’ve lost 50lbs from my body over an 8-month period, feel the most whole and energetic that I’ve felt in years! Christa and her crew are so supportive and helpful. I couldn’t recommend an experience more. Peace and good health to you always!!

Caren M.

I am a stay at home mother of two with significant foot problems that limit my mobility. Since I struggled daily with the pains of keeping up with my young family, little time has been left for me.  I started the Mind Zoning® for just a few minutes in the morning while I was snoozing in bed and I totally noticed a difference in my day and commitment to my own well being. 

My family decided that we would all eat similarly so we all enjoy the same protein and veggies at dinner and only our “carb” portions will vary. Me with either an additional veggie or gluten free carb and them with their favorite carb.  This way we were all eating better and no one fells like they are missing anything (and my girls aren’t thinking mommy is on some crazy diet – since we don’t use that word). 

After the initial “getting to know foods differently” phase I found it no trouble to eat better even when going out to eat since restaurants are so much more accommodating theses days.  And I totally give myself the freedom to enjoy special occasions. When our extended family went on a two week cruise holiday I didn’t worry too much about enjoying sauces or desserts knowing that when everyday life returned I would go back to a healthier eating plan. 

The Fitlandia support has been the key. Either with Mind Zoning®, varied exercise options or through the community. I love sharing pictures of my healthy plates and getting all the positive support and feedback from the group!!

Thank you Fitlandia for giving me such a strong base to live a healthier life for my entire family!

Janet L.

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