It's not about the weight you'll lose.

I've been where you are right now. Overwhelmed, addicted to sugar (and booze), stuck in self-sabotaging behavior, crazy mood swings...and oh yeah, loathing my body and my out-of-control bad habits.

But I found a way out of it. And I want that for you too!

Fitlandia is on a mission to end yo-yo dieting by first helping people change the part of their mind that drives 90% of their behavior.

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Every month I take you on a journey to explore the deepest parts of what is driving your behavior. You'll be taught a technique to help you overcome mental obstacles to get your brain working for you instead of against you. Register for the next lesson today!* Every participant gets a professional mixed Mind Zoning® session to add to your collection.

"I would encourage absolutely anyone who is looking to make a difference, feel and be and do better in their entire life, to try it for a month. I guarantee you're going to love it. I guarantee your life is going to change. So give it a shot, and you're never going to find a bigger cheerleader in your life than Christa King."



End the food battle. Learn which foods work for YOUR body. Ditch constant cravings. Break emotional eating patterns. Heal your body, mind and spirit!

Fitlandia Food Guide

35-pages of of clarity on what foods to enjoy and which to avoid for the 30-days...and WHY. We follow a modified paleo-style dietary protocol designed to reduce inflammation and break cravings.

Meal Plans & Recipes

Weekly Video Coaching

Connection with Your Tribe

Lifetime Access

Is This You Today?

Program Options

Designed to meet you where you are with your goals (and your budget), we have programming options for 30 Days to Thriving only or add-ons with The Mind Zoning® Academy and Private Coaching with Christa (limited availability). This is an investment in your vitality to get the guidance, support, tools and resources needed to transform your body from the mind out - from someone who gets you!




Billed in 3 payments of $232.33 ea.



30 Days to Thriving Program


$801 VALUE


Annual membership to the Mind Zoning® Academy

($204 value)





30 Days to Thriving Program

1-time payment

includes group coaching with Christa 


Lifetime access to the secret Facebook group


Weekly Group Coaching & Daily Support w/Christa





30 Days to Thriving Program

self-paced (excludes coaching)


Access to the general Facebook group

1-time payment


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Your monthly "brainercise" class for mindset mastery.





What's Included?

"Christa is amazing and she's guided me and the entire rest of the Fitlandia community through this process is very caring, nonjudgmental and not shaming, where we all just get to learn so much more about ourselves. We get to lose weight and get in better shape and set ourselves up for success for the rest of our lives. That's why I love Fitlandia."

It's about the mental strength you'll gain.


Listen, we're in this together - for LIFE. I don't ever want you falling back into an old pattern so your tribe, the Fitlandia Thrive Team and I will be there with you whenever you need us. This is the magic of the program - lifelong connections to always keep you moving FORWARD no matter what life throws at you.

Designed to save you time and energy, hop on our Zoom video coaching call each week to connect with your team. I will be there every step of the way, utilizing my coaching skills to help you breakthrough the common challenges and keep you moving FORWARD!

Take the guesswork out of what to fix for your healthy meals. Make shopping a snap with our shopping list. Never wonder "what can I eat?" again with our 1-page Foods to Enjoy/Avoid. We'll also teach you how to hunt for healthy recipes on the web so you don't get time-sucked down the rabbit hole.

Connect everyday with other people, just like you,  creating healthy habits so they can achieve their life goals - starting with a foundation of heath. You'll be supported on those days that are down right rough, and be able to inspire others when they too need a boost. We are inclusive. We are compassionate. We are positive. We are Fitlandians and we are here to LIFT YOU UP!

Right here. Me. Your biggest cheerleader is ready to help you dive deep and make profound shifts in your life. Because it's never just about dieting and exercise, creating a life of abundance in all areas of life requires a foundation in wellness.

I have a unique style of coaching...a blend of compassion with honest, direct feedback when I hear repeat patterns holding you back. Let's get honest together - in a safe, productive way.

Packages are available to meet you where you are. Maybe a monthly strategy session is all you need. Or possibly, you need weekly, goal-setting and achievement checkins to hit your targets FASTER and easier. 

All coaching is done via Zoom video conference services so we can connect no matter where you are in the world, finding session time that fits your busy schedule!

Mind Zoning® Meditations

Did you know that 90% of your behavior is driven by your unconscious thoughts? YEP! That's a whole lotta risk for self-sabotage. Mind Zoning® is what makes Fitlandia DIFFERENT from any other program. You'll get a bundle of meditation sessions to help you calm your mind and create thought patterns that excite your brain and drive you TOWARD healthy habits v. away from them.

Is This Who You'd Like to BECOME?

Private Coaching Options

I have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol. I celebrate with it. I grieve with it. I use it to deal with my stress. I want to take a break, but I just can't.

I have a healthy relationship with alcohol and have learned what true moderation looks like for me. I've found new ways to celebrate and deal with my emotions in ways that move me toward my goals!

I'm addicted to certain foods that I can't seem to avoid (cheese, sugar, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, bread...) no matter HOW hard I try.

I've learned why I crave certain foods so I can stop the self-loathing and the shaming of my habits. I now understand not only what's happening in my brain/body, but how to get out of a cravings cycle - and even PREVENT it!

I've discovered the 4 key components to my success and practice them daily. Now healthy living is easy instead of it being a chore. I'll never look back!

No matter what I try, I can't make healthy habits stick. I'm destined to fail.

I put everyone else before my own health and well-being.

I know I can only serve others (my family, friends, co-workers, employees, children, community) when I've first taken care of myself. And I am worthy of this vitality.

Is 30 Days to Thriving Right for YOU?

I'm ashamed of my body and my lifestyle. Is it NOT aligned with who I am at my core.

I finally have control over my life. I've released excuses, harnessed the power of my mind and am on the road to crafting a lifestyle I can be proud of.

I struggle with negative thoughts that I know are holding me back. But I can't seem to stop!

I've learned how to catch my negative thoughts and immediately reframe them so I'm never taken back to an old pattern again. I am the master of my mindset.

Fitlandia Podcast

I developed this dietary protocol and mindset program out of the knowledge I gained from becoming a certified hypnotherapist, nutritional therapist, and life coach - examining what it really takes to make lasting change. Welcome to 30 Days to Thriving!

End Your Crazy Cravings

Did you know an overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut can send wild messages to your brain to go seek sugar, refined carbs and alcohol? Let's kill those bad bugs off and get your cravings (and hunger) under control.

Stop Self-Loathing

Make it Stick

The diet industry doesn't want you to know that nearly 70% of you trying to get fit (and make it stick) will FAIL. I want you to invest in the ONLY program that delivers on the four cornerstones of fitness; the only way to reach AND maintain your goals.

I know you're out there hating on your body. It's time to STOP. Those thought patterns are actually keeping your body stuck in the same place. Create thoughts that make healthy habits EASY.

Nutrition + Mindset Program


  • 35-page Fitlandia Food Guide
  • Weekly meal plans and recipes
  • Weekly, LIVE group coaching session
  • Daily coaching with the Fitlandia Thrive Team
  • Lifetime access to the community support forum
  • Mind Zoning® audio bundles
  • Video messages from Christa between coaching sessions

Everything You Need to Break Free:


Package options displayed above include an annual membership to The Mind Zoning Academy®







I get it. You've tried loads of diet program out there and may be feeling a little skeptical about all of this. No worries! You have a full week after the first group coaching session to decide if the program is right for you. Not your thing? Just send a request for a refund to Keep all the downloads as a thank you for trying out the program!

We believe health and wellness should be made accessible to everyone. Scholarships and low-cost options available on the 30 Days to Thriving program for those with a financial need. Please submit your inquiry to

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