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End the Food Battle

Fighting with a reliance on sugar, refined carbs and/or alcohol is a tough battle without the right support. Give your body a break and reset your body & mind.

I have battled with yoyo diets all my life and am a certified chocoholic (in recovery!), but following Fitlandia's eating plan and detox (which is by no means as restrictive as it sounds) has turned my eating habits around. Getting my head in the right place to change what I have done for 40 years hasn't been a quick process by any means, and I wish I had got into the zone earlier, but now I have, I am 100% changed in the mindfulness of what I put into my body and feel much happier about myself.

The really positive thing that has happened to me since starting this journey is that since changing my old eating habits, I have no cravings and no need to snack between meals, which has always been my downfall. Christa's drive and belief is so amazing - she is extremely passionate about what she does and she really wants to help people achieve their optimum health goals. I am certain that I will not go back to the way I used to eat, and since starting the plan with Fitlandia I have been more energetic, slept better and lost weight.  - Abi B.

Everything you need is here! I'll guide you every step of the way with the holistic tools you need for a body and mind reset.

Each week during the program, we'll gather as a group via video conference to answer your questions and help you overcome obstacles .

Get my protocol for breaking a deep reliance on sugar, refined carbs, and alcohol while learning which foods work best for your body!

Weekly Group Coaching

Meal Plans, Recipes & Food Guide


Lose fat while building lean muscle mass.

Sign up for the program and if after the first week you don't think it's the right program for you, request a refund and we'll take care if it, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose!

Break Through the Diet Noise.

Are you seeing conflicting info about which dietary plan is healthiest? Wondering which eating style works best for you, your family and lifestyle? Feeling overwhelmed by it all? Our detox will guide you step-by-step over 30 days to help you unlock your health potential and thrive.

No Risk Guarantee

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Welcome to the only online wellness program that delivers the Four Cornerstones of Fitness - starting with your mind.

End cravings and uncontollable hunger.

Kick off your new lifestyle with a group that gets you.

Mind Zoning® Audio Bundle

Just like a guided meditation, these audio recordings are mixed with beautiful spa music to help you relax, get focused and more easily create new thought patterns to support lasting change.

Weekly Workout Plans

Downloadable PDFs and videos providing weekly exercise routines designed specifically to support each stage of your healthy detox. Delivered to your inbox every Sunday night.



Thanks for stopping by! I'm the Founder of Fitlandia and a recovered dieter. After reaching my highest weight of 192, I hit a wall and was determined to crack my own code for a making a healthier lifestyle change. Leaving a successful, 23-yr career in hospitality behind, I became a certified hypnotherapist, life coach, and nutritional therapist. By putting these pieces together, I saw what was truly missing in the diet and fitness industry: a holistic approach that starts with strengthening the mind. My signature Mind Zoning® process will help you create new neural pathways in your brain to enable you to make a permanent, lifestyle change. Learn more about my journey here.

Daily, Personal Support

You'll be invited to join the Secret Facebook Group reserved only for those in the programs so that you can get daily support. The best part? You get lifetime access to stay connected with your fit tribe.

Motivation & Inspiration

Every Friday you'll get a video from me preparing you for a healthy weekend, empowering you to overcome any potential challenge. Get ready. Get set. Let's GO!

Get Me Fit for Life!Reclaim Your Vitality Here!


What makes your services different from other things I've tried?

First and foremost, we are the only diet/fitness platform with a mission to end dieting through our Mind Zoning® process. We help you create new, neural pathways in the brain to make healthy living easier AND sustainable. We guide you to craft a  lifestyle that fits YOUR life and make it enjoyable! We're also proud to be the only online fitness solution to include Mind Zoning®, nutrition, exercise and community in one place!

What can I do to increase my chances of success?

There are TWO, simple yet powerful factors that determine your ability to be successful in making a lifestyle change:

1. Believe you are capable of changing.

2. Have the deep desire to change.

Those two ingredients are all you need to be successful...well and a little support from your fellow Fitlandians!

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I've failed at so many diets. How do I make a healthy lifestyle stick?

First know this, you did NOT fail. Your brain was actually wired to protect you and to keep you safe. When we are faced with intense stress, our brains go back to what it knows will make us feel safe. Because of how many of us were raised, that lends to a reliance on sugar, refined carbs and alcohol to self-soothe. But you can create new safety mechanisms by creating new neural pathways in the brain. Hence, Mind Zoning®.

I'm worried I can't afford this.

Wouldn't it be nice to not waste another dime on programs that only have a bandaid approach with quick weight loss and instead learn how to adopt a healthy lifestyle for good? Think of the time, effort and long-term cost savings you'll gain from a program that helps you build the mental fitness to sustain a lifetime of health.

Studies show obseity is related to over 60 preventable diseases. Investing in your health today can reduce these costs in the futture.

Where will we meet?

All sessions are delivered via Zoom video conferencing so you can be located anywhere in the world.

What's your refund policy?

If after our first session together you don't feel like we're a good fit, you can request a full refund for the package price you paid - no questions' asked. 

Have more questions? Shoot me a note today.


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