Regain control over your body.

Did you know that 90% of your behavior is driven by your unconscious habits you've developed over time?

That's why so many of us struggle to make a healthy lifestyle "stick."

When we get into a stressed-state, our brain looks to make us feel safe, quickly.

For many of us, that shows up in an unhealthy reliance on sugar, refined carbs, and/or alcohol.

But, you can change first strengthening your MIND.

The Mind Zoning® Academy


How it Works.

You'll get an overview of a common obstacle to reaching your fitness goals such as self-sabotage, emotional eating patterns, setting healthy boundaries, etc.

Every month, join Certified Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Therapist and Founder of Fitlandia, Christa King on a journey to crush mental obstacles. This is NOT a pre-recorded webinar, but a live opportunity to connect with Christa and your tribe every month for group coaching to experience real change.
Session outline
The Fitlandia team has supported me not only in what to change, but in fully understanding for myself the benefits of changing and how to really shift my mindset to a healthier one.
- Monica
Mind Zoning® Meditation
Let your mind relax and drift away as you listen to your meditation that's been professionally mixed  with beautiful spa music. Build your collection with a fresh Mind Zoning® each month.
Webinar Playback
Can't make a session or want to replay the session for that awesome nugget of wisdom you got? The webinar playback will be delivered to your inbox each month along with your Mind Zoning® session. Never miss a workshop again.
Exclusive 50% Discount
Members get 50% off their first 30 Days to Thriving program. Get the nutrition + mindset protocol that's ending a reliance on sugar, refined carbs and alcohol. Enroll now and claim your discount today.

Bonuses with Your Membership.

Take back control of your body and mind. Join The Mind Zoning® Academy today.

We'll wrap up with a group coaching Q & A session so you can get your own unique questions answered.

Christa will lead you through a guided meditation, giving you access to your subconscious mind so you can make deep, lasting change.

Just $17/mo. after your trial.  No Contract. Cancel anytime.


Just $17/mo. after your trial.  No Contract. Cancel anytime.

Just $17/mo. after your trial.  No Contract. Cancel anytime.

Fitlandia is on a mission to end yo-yo dieting by first helping people change the part of their mind that drives 90% of their behavior.


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It starts with your mind.

Stop wasting your time and money on weight-loss pills, powders, and programs that don't stick.
You have to first strengthen your mind to support adopting a healthy lifestyle for good.

Welcome to The Mind Zoning Academy. Your monthly escape to mindset mastery.
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